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The market-leading adaptive study tool proven to improve grades and designed to maximize productivity and efficiency in learning

  • Helps convert knowledge to long-term memory through deliberate practice
  • Prioritizes key learning objectives to ensure that every minute spent studying is valuable

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The first – and only – adaptive reading experience designed to transform the way students read

  • Creates a personalized reading experience that focuses on content based on a student’s understanding
  • Evaluates students’ knowledge in real time to adapt the course textbook

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An adaptive learning system that provides students with learning resources to enhance understanding and promote long-term memory

  • Provides supplemental learning resources when students need them most
  • Features a customizable time management tool so students master course material at a comfortable pace

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An adaptive course preparation tool that helps students prepare quickly and efficiently for college-level work

  • Provides learning resources to teach essential course concepts
  • Features a customizable time management tool to ensure that students enter class prepared

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A highly realistic and adaptive simulated lab experience that allows students to “do and think” like a scientist via exploration and execution of the scientific method

  • Gives students an opportunity to formulate hypotheses, test their theories and conduct simulated lab experiments to collect and analyze data
  • Maximizes time spent in the real lab environment