• Simulated Experiments. Real Learning.
  • Excel in the Lab
  • Explore Powerful Reports
  • Make the Most of Lab Time
  • Improve Performance
  • Virtual Experiments. Real Learning.

    Experiment in a highly realistic simulated lab environment.

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  • Excel in the Lab.

    Do and think like a scientist.

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  • Explore Powerful Reports

    Powerful reports pinpoint specific topics and learning objectives for reinforcement. Learn More

  • Make the Most of

    Lab Time

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  • Improve Performance

    It’s no longer a hypothesis when it has been proven. Students perform better with LearnSmart Labs

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Eastern Illinois University

Teandra Armstrong

“SmartBook seems more interesting than reading my textbook…I would tell my professors that this could make their jobs easier and could improve my college experience.”

LearnSmart Labs. Do and think like a scientist.

LearnSmart Labs is revolutionizing the lab experience by providing an adaptive, interactive, personalized lab experience that encourages students to theorize and experiment like scientists do. In the highly realistic LearnSmart Labs environment, students can practice the scientific method, safely develop and test hypotheses, and think critically about their findings before ever setting foot in a physical lab. The conclusion: LearnSmart Labs gets students ready to engage in high-level scientific thinking, letting them – and instructors – make the most of valuable lab time.

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