Quick Links to LearnSmart Labs and LearnSmart Prep

Here are some quick links to register for LearnSmart Labs and LearnSmart Prep. Click the ‘Shop and Sign In‘ tab in the menu above to browse all available courses.

LearnSmart Prep

LearnSmart Prep for Biology www.mhhe.com/lsprepbio

LearnSmart Prep for General Chemistry www.mhhe.com/lsprepchem

LearnSmart Prep for Organic Chemistry www.mhhe.com/lsprepochem

LearnSmart Prep for Nutrition www.mhhe.com/lsprepnutrition

LearnSmart Prep for Microbiology www.mhhe.com/lsprepmicro

LearnSmart Prep for A&P www.mhhe.com/lsprepap

LearnSmart Labs

LearnSmart Labs for A&P www.mhhe.com/lslabsap

LearnSmart Labs for Microbiology www.mhhe.com/lslabsmicro

LearnSmart Labs for Biology www.mhhe.com/lslabsbio